We are all very excited that Humanity Africa is going into the next phase of rural development in Mkushi Zambia.
We are bringing 52 more farmers into the fold that will farm for market using the Bio Intensive Organic agriculture in line with the United Nations proposal on a system of agriculture that does not only apply climate mitigation, but reduce reduce water usage dramatically, is regenerative as far as soil health is concerned and leads to less input cost for farmers and relates to more profit for farmers.
We will use the first office building as the first structure to roll out and scale the rest of the project with food and nutritional processing plants to follow giving the farmers a market for what they produce.
We will in the near future build on our supplementary educational model as well as overseeing the building and equipping Katemo Community School from this office.
The project is based on National development and whole systems design having a positive impact on every aspect of our community.
We wish to thank all our sponsors, staff as well as our international support groups for the role they play in bringing a better world to being.
This is the 3D rendering of our site office that will serve multiple functions until we build the second phase.
we will be doing videos and live streaming during our opening of the new site and the laying of the cornerstone to earmark a new reality of development in Zambia.

ha office 3ha office 2

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