Volunteer Opportunities

Humanity Africa values the effort and commitment of volunteers who put in so much to help our projects succeed. We are always on the lookout for talent and welcome volunteers who want to do anything and everything.


Fundraise for Humanity Africa

Get involved: Fundraising

Fundraising is easy. All it takes is a bit of dedication and some energy to make a fundraiser successful.

Whatever idea you have, share it with us before you go ahead and we can always help you out with the materials you will need at the event.

Think about what you want to do. It can be any of the ideas listed below or you could be one of those super-talented people who just came up with a brilliant idea. Whatever it is, we’re here to guide you along. Raise funds for HUMANITY AFRICA and become enlisted in our “Fundraiser’s Hall of Fame” where you can share your story of successfully raising donations for the cause and what it has meant to the people in need.

(Contact a member of HUMANITY AFRICA for more details).

Host a charity breakfast/lunch/dinner/iftaar/tea/party

You can host a charity event at your own house, a friend’s house or even a selected venue. By organising a get-together that includes some food and snacks and holding a small collection at the gathering can add up. You can hold it with whatever music and settings you like and we can provide you with materials you might want to hand out. You can ask your guests to bring one food item to make it a big bash. Everyone will want to know more about the cause they have come to support. There are several videos that you might want to play to explain to your audience why you consider the cause important, why they could donate and what their money could do to help those in need. HUMANITY AFRICA can provide you with all the materials you need for the event so that people go back home feeling they have donated towards an extraordinary cause and will want to promote it within their other social circles.

Hold a quiz night with friends/family/colleagues

If you think that you want to engage people in a fundraiser that is intellectually stimulating, organising a quiz night is possibly the most fun thing to do. Popular throughout the country, quiz nights attract people who want to spend usually an evening in the midst of known and unknown faces and have a good laugh that comes with the exchange of plenty of knowledge. You can hold this at a preferred venue; make it a ticketed event and give all or a portion of the proceeds to the cause you’re doing it for. Make sure you thank your sponsors and are available to help them when they are setting up for your event. The following tips could prove useful when planning a quiz night:

  1. What type of quiz will it be? What is the theme? It could be on worldwide winter festivals, a particular era of novelists, a genre of music – the options are endless. Maybe you’d like to decorate the venue based on the theme you will be portraying
  2. Who will you be targeting for the event? Who is more interested in the theme you want to hold the quiz night on? Will it be your colleagues, your family members, friends from back in college or university?
  3. Set a clear date and a fundraising target. Choose a date that allows you to prepare for the event itself and keep an eye out for events that coincide with your date and your audience interest. Avoid popular festival dates like Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Hanukkah, Holi, Vaisakhi, Wesak and others where many people will be busy with family and friends. Summer holidays and winter holidays are best avoided as people go on holidays while major events like the Olympics or the World Cup could affect your plans.
  4. Decide on the entry fee. Use the following equation to help you understand how you will plan the fee. Target Number of people = (target amount to be raised + expenses) divide by entrance fee per person.
  5. Will you need a PA system? If you think you’ll need a microphone, maybe you can ask to borrow or hire. Generally, your event venue will know where to get a cost-effective one locally. This may add to your additional expenses for the event. If no one can hear the speakers, it the event might not go as expected.
  6. Arrange for publicity. Ask the HUMANITY AFRICA staff to give you details on the local media in your area so you can write a letter to them notifying them about your event. Local media will take interest in your event if you’re fundraising for a good cause. You might want to set up a facebook page to invite your guests, tweet long before the event is held, design posters to be put outside the venue etc. There are many ways of getting publicity for your event. If you want more ideas about it, you can always contact a HUMANITY AFRICA staff on advice.
  7. Finally – writing your questions is the coolest but also the hardest part. This might take time and it would be really helpful to ask one friend to help you. As they say – two minds are always greater than one!!

Arrange a family picnic/fun day/ barbeque

Arranging a family and friends picnic can be hassle free and exciting. The best part is that it can be held in a big park with plenty of natural scenery, plenty of sunshine and the kids can go daft running around everywhere!

  1. You can invite friends and family through an email or through a facebook page which you can set up particularly for the event.
  2. You can promote a place/rug/mat and sell this as a contribution to the cause that you are looking towards raising money for. You can even give your places fancy names after superheroes, flowers, animals or even the number of operations people will be supporting.
  3. To ensure that you value people’s contributions you can always make a speech thanking those who donated handsome amounts towards the cause. For food, you can ask your supporters to bring individual items to the event, cooked or bought. It’s usually fun to ask people to create a page on facebook and ask people to buy out the food item symbols. These can be bought out quite fast!
  4. You can do the collection as a ticketed event and arrange for people to give you the donations on the day of the event by passing around a collection box or you can give them donation forms that HUMANITY AFRICA can provide you with for the event which you can collect during the event itself. People can choose to give one-off donations or even fill out standing order forms for regular donations.
  5. Your success is more dependent on weather than anything else! So weather channels might be your best friend when planning such a brilliant event like this under open air.

Ask a school to hold an event to fundraise through a non-uniform day

Do you know a school or are closely associated to a school who you can convince to do a non-uniform day? A non-uniform day is usually when all the students in the school wear their normal or weekend clothes instead of their school uniform in return for a donation.

  1. Write a letter to the head teacher about a day you would like to request a non-uniform day clearly explaining what you want to raise money for. You can write this as a student or outsider. After you have the permission, publicise the date to the school through notifying all the teachers and putting up posters in all the communal boards. Ask teachers to make sure this is put in all the children’s diaries. For secondary schools, a mass email can be sent from the head teacher’s office to the guardians notifying them of the non-uniform day.
  2. On the day of the event, ask the tutor to collect the amount from the students, put it in a small collection box or ones that are given to you by HUMANITY AFRICA for all the classes.
  3. You can set the rate between £2-£3 for each student.
  4. You can contact a HUMANITY AFRICA staff to formally come and collect the cheque and take a photo with a presentation cheque to be put in the “Fundraiser’s Hall of Fame”.