The population of children under 18 in Zambia is around 6 million. Two-thirds of those children are between 7 and 14, which is primary school age. While Zambia has recently made progress in increasing access to education and gender equality, more than 250,000 children are out of school and more drop out before they can finish. Children from poor households, rural areas, and girls are the last to register for school and the first to drop out.

Community Projects

Project Katemo’ Kids

Katemo Primary School is located in Mkushi, Zambia, where Project Mazao is taking place. Upon a recent visit to Mkushi, members of our team pledged to support the infrastructure of the school. The school itself has 130 children that attend school in two shifts and only one teacher, who is extremely dedicated to the education of his students. Aside from using Book Aid for Africa to send books for a library at the school, Humanity Africa will be raising funds through its London-based activities with its volunteers.

These children need your help. By participating in our various activities or donating today, you will be helping children attend school in one of the poorest nations in the world. The money will be used to provide funding for updates and basic improvements that the school desperately needs.

You can donate to the cause by gong to our crowdfunding page below!

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