Climate Change

Climate change is a glaring reality for Zambia as it is categorised as one of the most vulnerable countries in the world that will suffer the impacts of green house gases through pronounced floods, droughts, waterlogging, disesase and a lack of safe preservation techniques.

The face of Zambian agriculture, with 70 per cent of the workforce dependent upon agriculture (World Bank, 2014),has radically changed over the past 10 years as climate change affects a majority of Zambian population.

In Mkushi, where approximately 80% of the population is dependent on agriculture and subsistence farming is still popular, farmers find it increasingly hard to cultivate their crops.

“10 yrs ago, we had rains on 24th October, plus minus 3 days. Today rains are months late.” George Kunda, 58, Farmer, Mkushi, Zambia

Humanity Africa’s campaign Awareness and Act  focuses on creating awareness projects for rural farmers to determine best agricultural practices and adapt to climate change impacts.