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Humanity Africa CEO attends Mkushi Agricultural and Commercial Show

Humanity Africa CEO Bhupinder Baidwan attended the Mkushi Agricultural and Commercial Show in Mkushi, Zambia between 17-18 June 2016 to network with potential partners for its development initiatives.

Mkushi Agricultural and Commercial Show is an annual event in the district of Mkushi, which is the emerging agricultural hub of Zambia. This was the show’s 44th annual event, hosting 90 businesses and over 8,500 guests. Exhibition stalls showcased seed, fertiliser, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, earth movers, banks, solar and wind power, and food. The theme for this year was “Managing the Environment for Growth,” focusing on alternative energy such as solar and wind power. The event has seen an increase in agriculture-based companies coming as guests, reflecting Mkushi’s increasing importance as an agricultural centre in Zambia.

Tradeshows such as these have become an exciting space for potential partnerships and the sharing of ideas and new practices. The atmosphere was vibrant and had areas set aside for children to play with slides, water games and a bouncy castle. Local artists and schoolchildren had the opportunity to showcase their work and live musicians played through the event, underlining the importance of younger generations, the arts, and inclusivity in creating community.

Humanity Africa was the only international NGO present at the tradeshow this year. To meet its goals of partnering with local organizations and working towards sustainable development, Humanity Africa met with small land holders to understand their practice of purchasing seed and fertilizers. Humanity Africa also met with banks such as Stanbic and Zanaco; seed companies Zamseed and Seedco; and machinery companies John Deer, Mahindra Group, and Ford. These meetings have created the foundation for future partnership and growth.

Humanity Africa plans on returning to the event as a host next year. With a better grasp on the atmosphere and demands of agriculture in Mkushi, we will be better prepared to work with small-scale farmers, banks, and companies. The tradeshow was a valuable chance to build relationships and be involved in the community of Mkushi which Humanity Africa serves. Mr. Bhupinder Singh Baidwan was honored to be able to attend the event and further Humanity Africa and Mkushi’s goals of working towards better livelihoods and sustainable development.


Humanity Africa CEO attends AfroPackaging Exhibition Programme in Egypt

Humanity Africa CEO Bhupinder Baidwan attended the AFRO Packaging & Food Manufacturing convention in Cairo, Egypt between 26-29th May 2016 to network with potential partners for its Moringa products produced and distributed by sister entity Nutri-Globe.

AFRO Packaging & Food Manufacturing holds the leading trade fair in Egypt and North Africa, hosting more than 12,000 visitors from all over the world. AFRO Packaging and Food Manufacturing held its fifth annual event at Cairo, Egypt, International Convention and Exhibition Center from the 26th to the 29th of May 2016. The event was called the AFRO Packaging & Food Exhibition and aimed to create a suitable industrial environment between international exhibitions and trade visitors and to discover new trends for the latest innovations in the food industry and technology.

The exhibition brought in companies from 20 countries from all over the globe, attesting to Africa’s growing role in food manufacturing and the effect of globalization on food supply chains. Notable organizations attended the exhibition with different interests.

Such trade shows have become a crucial space of opportunity for upcoming businesses, manufacturers, and investors, and are a center for creativity, innovation, and the sharing of disruptive practices.

Humanity Africa’s sister entity Nutri-globe has social interests of producing, packaging and marketing Moringa products in Zambia. The dried leaves of the Moringa tree are a vital source of nutrition for many communities because Moringa contains high amounts of Vitamins A, B6, C, E, as well as Iron, Riboflavin, and Zinc. The high content of nutrition and antioxidants in Moringa makes it a key ingredient for the nutrition of communities who are now facing malnutrition and stunted growth, among other issues. Nutri-globe works with female-led farming cooperatives in rural Zambia to grow Moringa, which will be used to improve local nutrition and help farmers earn a sustainable livelihood by selling Moringa products in the UK.

Nutri-Globe’s new Moringa products include tea, loose powder, capsules, and a nutrition bar. Humanity Africa was invited to the AFRO Packaging and Food Manufacturing exhibition. The main focus was on meeting potential sellers of packaging for our new products in order to develop our business.

The exhibition created a great atmosphere and exciting opportunity to network with so many people from various parts of Africa. Mr. Bhupinder Singh Baidwan, was honored to be able to take part of the event and was proud to have the opportunity to represent Zambia.