Health & Hygiene

Malaria Project Over 4 million people are affected by malaria each year in Zambia. Of those 4 million, 50% are children under five years of age. Malaria also accounts for 20% of maternal deaths. And although it is preventable and treatable, very few resources are available to Mkushi community with almost nil resources in the very rural parts of Mkushi. The Malaria Project is a health project intended to provide free consultation and low-cost medicine to the Mkushi community. An accessible clinic will be placed close to Mkushi so that community members can easily seek treatments.

Volunteer doctors globally will fuel this project to serve the community such as Dr John Bangala Wawa Basila, who has 12 years of general practice experience, who will oversee the plan.

The project will better the living conditions of people in Zambia and will save hundreds of lives.



Health & Hygiene

Dr John Bangala Wawa Basila, Humanity Africa Health Specialist is currently heading up our Malaria project in Mkushi, Zambia and will be leading on the team of volunteer doctors to eradicate malaria at the rural level through diagnosis and treatment.